It Hurts so Good.

Before forcing myself to get back to the gym this week, I wasn’t exactly what one would call “in shape.” Having just returned from a a hiatus over Christmas that extended until the end of winter, I’d acquired four months of bread/snacks/ couch potato weight and was feeling generally lethargic. (more…)

The Magic of Weight loss

You have no  idea, how many people I meet, talk to , communicate with, tell me how lucky I am to lose this weight.  I smile and thank them all for their kind words. But seriously, in my head I think “lucky my ass”. If hard work is luck, then yes, I am very lucky.  It almost feels as if people believe that those like me who lose weight, are illusionists.  They eat some magic potions, and behold one day, wake up smaller, just as one day they woke up fat.Unfortunately, luck has nothing to do with weight loss. Just as it had nothing to do with weight gain. Laziness plays a big role in gaining weight (of course there are those who are afflicted by very painful illnesses and just cannot exercise), we start calling it ‘lifestyle’ issues.  Hard work plays a major role in losing it, simply!

It’s pure science though. Nothing to do with magic.I was eating way too much. I discovered when I started logging my food. I would honestly think I wasn’t eating much. My meal portions were really small.  One piece of bread (roti bread), or a small portion of rice, with simple lentils and salad was my regular meal.  Honestly, that was it. Then  how did I gain the weight?What I did not account for was all that I ate in-between my very small portions – the two biscuits I dunked into my coffee each morning, the post breakfast snack at the office, the post lunch snack, the potato chips pre dinner, the couple of whiskeys with tandoori chicken, and then the yummy ice cream, or chocolate that followed my very small dinner.  Oh, and if I felt very happy that night, and if I was distracted some exciting ‘food’ show on television (thank you Masterchef), I would inadvertently get at least 2 slices of bread pan toasted with enough butter for a week.

In my mind, I was eating about 1200 calories a day, which is the recommended calorie intake for women my age.  However, when I did finally log in my food intake on (a free tool to log in food, drink and exercise) I was beyond shocked!!! I was eating for at least 2 women, and some days for three.  No wonder I was the size of a house (a proper 3-bedroom one at that -:))

To lose weight, I realised all I had to do is simply eat for one person. Eat right kind of food. You cannot eat for one person, and eat a horse. You got to eat right.  Decide your meals for next day a day in advance. Plan, plan, plan.  Most of us don’t know how many calories we intake in each meal. Use free tools such as
Divide your meals into
– breakfast
– morning snack
– lunch
– afternoon snack
– evening meal

When I started eating right, some days I struggled with even consuming 1200 calories a day. When I was eating ‘whatever’ came my way – I was eating upto 4000-5000 calories a day.

It’s simple science. None of us really need to get into specifics of that. What we need to simply remember is consuming our recommended calorie intake every day, exercising every day (any form of exercise is fine) and leading a good lifestyle (drinking plenty of water, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep). Staying HAPPY is very critical. I learnt that I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I feel low. Now I substitute that with exercise, reading and simply annoying others 🙂

Bring the magic to your lives – eat well, exercise! Don’t be secret eaters, as I was.

Let’s not pretend that our weight is just coming on its own. Let’s take ownership, so we can change it, so we can get healthier. 

I challenge you to log in your food today on Log in every morsel, every drink, coke, pepsi, sprite, every thing…and then check how many calories you actually take in. Then calculate how many calories you really burn each day. The answers will come. It’s simple science. Not magic.  But losing weight can be magical, as I have found out! 

No Time for Exercise ? Try This

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My blog is not about losing weight. It is about re-gaining health. I am a middle-aged woman, with a full-on life. I lost control for a while, gained huge amount of weight in a very short span, and got very ill.  I was told I couldn’t live much longer if I did not do something about it. The starting point for me was to lose the excess weight. It was not easy. It was not hard either. It was just about making a decision and taking action. I decided to take one day at a time. Every day, I focussed on that one day. And slowly, things changed. I lost the weight. I re-gained my health. My diabetes went into remission. I no longer suffer from hypertension. My liver is fine. The stone in my gall bladder is getting smaller. Is it a “miracle” as we would like to believe? No. It is simply, about making a decision and taking action, and sticking with it, every day.

One common phrase I have heard over and over again, “You are so lucky, you can exercise, I have no time to exercise”!

Seriously, one thing we all have in common is the 24 hours we get. What we do with those 24 hours each day, is what makes us different.

Make the decision and take action:

I have been there — making hundreds of excuses for not being able to exercise> some of my common excuses were:

  • No time – long days, and longer nights of work !
  • Travel – as you all know, I travel atleast 10-15 days a month
  • Children – Two teenagers is a full-time job plus more…
  • Social life – late nights can be tiring … with all that eating, and drinking!
  • Unpredictable life – I have to travel at short notice at times
  • Over 40 – My life is now about my children, so why bother!
  • Why put the effort – Exercise does take effort.
  • What will people think – Oh, I thought the whole world was watching 🙂
All of the above is totally true, and has not changed, honestly. But, I decided to work with it.  So, I make use of what I have, with the time I have.
Just simple things to do at home. Remember, every little thing does count, as my trainer once told me, “everything is CBO” (Calorie Burning Opportunity).  Ten calories here, and ten calories there…it all adds up. And it’s fun!!!
  • Buckets: Oh, that’s the best. I use half filled buckets (soaked with whites) to lift. helps with building my core, and also my arms.
  • kichen bench for push ups – while cooking, waiting for the pot to boil…
  • More ways to use the chair – I do planks, tricep bench dips. I sit on the chair at times, and do stomach crunches.
  • Stairs: Apart from using the stairs to go up and down, I use them to do push ups. I do about 50 odd a day.  Just because I can!
  • Children : If you have young children, carry them around! Amazing calorie burners.
I am still a few kilos away from my goal. But my goal is not about my weight. I want to stay well, healthy and alive.  I have a lifetime ahead of me, after all.

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Six Simple Steps to Dropping 4 sizes in 6 Months

For me it was never about dropping sizes, it was simply about regaining my health. But dropping sizes has sure helped! From size 21 to a size 12 in a short time sure brought a smile to my face!
New Year resolutions and all — I have had a few people message me asking me for support in their own journeys. I thought it may be an opportune time to just give 6 simple steps to losing that waist size … and regaining whatever it is one is seeking….

Step one: 
Track What you put into your body

Managing your intake (food, beverages)
log on to

It is website to track calories. (Don’t worry about what others say about counting calories……for the time being simply do it). It’s free. It’s polices your intake, without anyone else knowing about it. It’s yours, it’s private. EVERY morsel that you intake, you add in there, so you know how many calories you eat every day. For average women over 25 yrs , they can about 1200-1500 calls should be enough (including the beverages we consume).

I would constantly say ‘I don’t each much” until I started tracking the calorie intake. I was in for a rude shock. I was eating food equivalent for 3 women every day. You will be shocked how much we actually eat – little morsels, little extras here and there all add up.

Step two
Start walking – Start moving your body: Not just from the bedroom to the refrigerator please.

Start walking….with 20 mins, then build it to 30 mins a day at a steady pace. Slowly keep increasing the time. Increase the intensity.

Join the gym and start doing some strength training, all the better….

Step three:
Sleep well. Try and get at least 8 hours of sleep…every night please (not every week!)

Sleep is so under valued, but is the most necessary for all of us. A well rested body can do much more — requires less food, has more energy to do things …..

Step four:

Think positive. Surround yourself with positive people. Not those who suck the energy out of you.

Most of us, rush to the refrigerator when we feel low. Try and be happy, (life is full of ups and downs and it is not easy) so surround yourself with positive people. This is very critical.

Not those positive types who need to eat and drink to feel positive – if you know what I mean.

Step five:
Educate yourself about food and nutrition

If you are reading this, chances are you have access to internet and the information world. The best thing  one can do as we go on this journey of lifestyle change, is to educate ourselves about food and nutrition. Learn to read labels at supermarkets or when you buy groceries. Make sensible decisions. Just because it is commercialised, it doesn’t mean it is good for you.

For example: (a detailed blog on this to follow)
stay away from sugar substitutes.
stay away from ‘diet’ drinks
stop buying processed food (and convenient foods)
eat simple food but home cooked.
low fat is not necessarily fat free or good

Step six:
Keep loving yourself

Keep loving yourself…..I have to remind myself every day that I am the most important person in my life. My happy self brings in happy energy around me…and to me spreading happy energy is what keeps me going.

Keep a log…you will start noticing small changes initially. Until in about 3 months, you will start receiving compliments as others will notice it as well…!!!Take plenty of pictures…I swear I have loved seeing my “before and after” .. it’s an amazing feeling to see the progress one has made and how we can change things if and when we take control.

With love and best wishes to all….Keep walking…keep logging…keep loving….keep happy…stay beautiful (inside and out) xxxx

Raga Finally Gets Off Her Ass and Takes The First Step


First issue was I had no idea where to start. Doctors basically have no time for you.  They share what they think they should and leave you to deal with it. Also, what do you ask someone about something that you have no idea about! So, you just nod, smile and go home and feel worse, and feel all sorry for yourself.
However, we live in great times – we have access to information. That was my first step.
First, I researched every information I could on diabetes, hypertension and my gall bladder problem. I searched the internet. I found very interesting tips and information on amongst other sites. There is a huge amount of information available.
All the research, led to one key solution to my problem.  LOSE the weight.  

And losing weight was not just an exercise in working-out and diet, I realised it was much more. It meant, I had to:

 – re-tune my thinking
– get my family on my side 
– be more disciplined (if I had to wake up 2 hours earlier than usual so I could add gym to my routine, I had to). Also getting adequate sleep was as important as the work out.
– work on my emotional side – lots. There are days you just don’t good. Those are the days you need to be stronger, and push yourself
– find my spiritual side, to ensure I was happy inside, knew who i was. (this lead me to searching for a  higher purpose which I had always questioned in the past – more on that in later posts)
– change my way of attitude towards food.
– change my attitude towards working out.  Wow, is it hard! In London when the temperatures get low and all you want to do is lay in the duvet that extra hour….
– let go of all inhibitions – when you are at the gym, you are the only ‘focus’ you need to be
– learn to be more happy

Biggest question I worried about: But, where do I start?

I realised, I had to simply give it everything I had –  to make a change!

Don’t believe anyone who says that you should go ahead and eat/drink anything you want as long as you drink/eat in moderation. NOPE. 

It’s a committment. No half measures. You got to give it all that you have got!Life gave me a second chance – I wanted to not mess it up.