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When Life gets Dark

When Life gets Dark

I have always been a very happy, positive person and have had a great attitude to life. I live every moment in the best way I am able. However, I made certain choices in life that set me off on a different journey that at times took me to very dark places. I learnt...

Straight from the Desk of a Gay Woman

Straight from the Desk of a Gay Woman

“Hey dude”, he exclaimed aloud, as he patted me on my back. I observed this was something he did with the other blokes around. I nearly fell with the force of his pat. I was not used to being hit on my back by men (or by anyone for that matter. Women hug we don’t...

12 weeks – Use it to Lose it Challenge

12 weeks – Use it to Lose it Challenge

I am re-sharing this post from last year, with minor edits for us to take on this challenge again. Yay girls, let's do this. Thank you for joining me on my journey. Again, just to remind you all, I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist.  This is not a diet nor a weight...

Raga is a woman who sees the world through the eyes of a girl with wonder and with curiosity. Raga’s collection of stories and poems is realistic, poignant and it is not just girls or women who can relate to it. Raga’s experiences are universal in some ways and her emotions expressed are emotions that are traditionally suppressed and to express them candidly takes courage and an authenticity of soul that is so evident in Raga’s narrative. Raga’s experiences as penned down will encourage girls and young women to be free from these experiences and build a life that they will be proud of. This collection of stories and poems ‘Untold Lies’ is authentic, cathartic, experiential and could make young women braver in every aspect.

Reading Raga’s book, I remembered this “Poetry is the journal of the sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the air. Poetry is a search for syllables to shoot at the barriers of the unknown and the unknowable. Poetry is a phantom script telling how rainbows are made and why they go away.” — Carl Sandburg, from The Atlantic, March 1923.

Dr. Annurag Batra

Author, writer , TV show host , Angel investor and entrepreneur, and most Importantly MBA (Much Below Average)

रागा Raga नाम हिंदी में “राग” और मैं नाद एवं संगीत के आदिगुरु शिव का आराधक। सुर का खोजी ।
राग का अर्थ है प्रेम जिसके नाम में ही प्रेम और संगीत हो और जीती हो नदी के
अल्हड़ मस्तानी, बे बाक रवानी।
बे फ़िक्र दीवानी, रब की निशानी ।

जिसकी ज़िन्दगी ख़ुद एक काव्य संग्रह हो। उसे ये पुस्तक तो बहुत पहले प्रकाशित करनी चाहिए थी।पर देर से ही सही

वो मज़ा प्यार में कहाँ, जो इंतज़ार में है
रूह का अस्ल बयाँ, जीतकर हार में हैं

इस उलझी दिमाग़ों की दुनिया में “रागा” सर से क़दम तक दिल ही दिल है ।

स्टोरीओम्स आपकी, मेरी हर पाठक की एक रोचक, रहस्यमय दुनिया है।

पढ़िए, भीतर झाँकिए, मुस्कुराइए।

कैलाश खेर (पद्मश्री सम्मानित )




Kailash Kher

Musician / Singer




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