Most of us know that winter is a dreadful time for those facing the challenges of weight. It’s harder to get out and exercise, and even harder to not succumb to the temptations of hot fries, oily fried food, take-aways and all those indulgences.

My old self used to find much solace in all these ‘excuses’. After all, how could one possibly get out in the bitter winter cold, with wet tracks and icy chilling winds. My new self doesn’t care anymore. I manage to run out in the elements and find myself making ‘excuses’ to exercise and eat better.

So, when I saw this recipe online, I wanted to immediately share. Thank you Rashmeela Singh Salla, who developed this recipe for a cold winter evening. Looks super great. This would be healthy yet low calorie. Perfect to make it, exactly how she has described it. I am certain for those who cannot do without their meat, may want to try out with chicken/lamb.


Spinach – 1 bunch

Kale – Half bunch
carrot – 1
Garlic – 2-3 cloves (finely chopped)
mushrooms – half box (roughly chopped)
Spring onion – 3
Freshly crushed pepper


1) chop spinach kale and carrot.

2) put to boil in a vessel.. If you have any leftover water from boiling vegetables for any other dish use that else normal water

3) In a separate pan add a little olive oil (can substitute butter for tastier but unhealthier option) And sauté garlic

4) after they have become slightly brown add mushrooms. Sauté till mushrooms are cooked.

5) Meanwhile, check the boiling leaves. Add 2 cubes of chicken stock (can substitute vegetable stock). Both are easily available in any supermarket like Tesco or Waitrose.

6) once it’s nicely boiled add some salt

7) simmer for some time. Now using a hand blender, just blend the leaves/carrot in water to get a nice thick consistency

8) simmer for 2 minutes and then add the garlic mushroom that you had previously prepared.

9) mix well. After a few minutes add freshly crushed pepper. Garnish with finely sliced spring onions.

Oh, and remember to enjoy!


Thank you Rashmeela Singh Salla.