You have kids? But I thought you were a lesbian?…..

Oh dear dear. I get asked this all the time! In the past, I would ignore such comments. At times, I would even sit and draw diagrams and tell people how biology works! Later, I would send them links…..but, hey, why do we even have this question?

The other day, I had commented on an insta post about how these days there are various kinds of parenting – a child can be raised not only by a single parent,  two mum’s, two dads, a trans couple as the world is becoming beautiful and accepting.

Guess what happened? Some thickhead human (man in this case) decided to troll me. He first said, ‘but you homo, how can you have kids’? Then he went on to make personal comments and attacked me with his dumb a##e words targeting other parts of my anatomy.

Strange how people stoop to their absolute low  when they cannot respond to an argument with logic. 

So, those of you who do not understand biology or missed this class altogether, here it is!

I am a woman. I choose to be with a woman in an emotional and romantic relationship. It does not mean I do not have a uterus or that I cannot bear children.

I have two beautiful children – twins, who were born from my womb. Being from an LGB community does not make us infertile. Biology does not get switched off.

So, next time, you see a lesbian with kids, please do not get all confused. 

Don’t you wish you had concentrated more during biology lessons!!!

Do watch ‘Coming out Stories from India’ to listen to such stories of gay men, lesbians, some of them parents to wonderful children.

Do watch my Tedx Talk on ’50 and Out’. – why did I come out at 50!!