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Don’t Think It Will Never Happen To You

Don’t Think It Will Never Happen To You

Growing up, I had a different kind of struggle with my weight. If anything, I was constantly teased about the ‘lack of fat’ on my bones. A big point of discussion at family gatherings of course. ‘Who will marry you‘?, ‘Oh, look at you, how thin you are, doesn’t your mother feed you‘, or even better ‘How will you be able to bear any children‘.  My entire family and close circle worried for me. And, inside me I had automatically tuned in to the fact that I was thin and I was going to be skinny all my life.

So, life’s indulgences and biological factors did not bother me much. Life went on. I thought like a skinny person to be honest. I ate well, exercised lots, and looked after myself. Until things changed. Life took over. I got married, had kids (oh yea, the skinny girl bore TWO babies, thank you aunties), got busy with two jobs plus bringing up kids in a new country, a hectic social life, and the struggles of being in a new country, which many of you will relate to! Mentally I was still skinny, but physically I was getting bigger on a daily basis almost. That was not by design, but by pure neglect.

Very soon, a healthy upbeat person like me turned into a very unhealthy, obese person, and the physical changes brought in their own set of problems – that of low self-esteem, very dark days, lack of confidence, self neglect and abuse. The skinny girl in me started thinking like an out-of-control person. Every thing I did was exaggerated. Eating, drinking, decisions, choices. Everything was killing me, slowly. And it nearly did.

The point of this post is simple – that this can happen to anyone of us. Those of us who are young and think this can never happen to me, or I will never let this happen to me, please sit back and think about how you are looking after yourself and your life. Are you taking it for granted? Are you seriously living a healthy lifestyle? What are the food choices you make for yourself and your family on a daily basis? What about activity? Do you lead an active life? Does exercise in any form play a role in your life? Are you a good role model for your future generation?

I went to a dark place for a long time, until I was given a diagnoses that shocked me and got me off my a###. I was very fortunate. I was given a second chance. Many won’t have that second chance.

I make better food choices now. My family supports me in this lifestyle. I still eat really well, but I make better choices. Exercise is part of my daily life. I am no longer the skinny girl that I used to be. But I am a healthy middle aged woman, with a life time ahead of me. In my own humble way I make an attempt to share my lessons with those who can gain from it.

I am running my first half marathon, at the #BrightonHalfMarathon on Sunday, 22nd February, in memory of my dearest mother who passed away due to complications of diabetes, and for all those who can prevent this lifestyle related illness taking over their happy lives.

I will be 45 years old in February. A birthday I may not have seen. I am grateful for this second chance. Making these choices is not easy once we get used to the indulgences and temptations, but it’s essential. Running is not easy. Running 21 kms (13.1 miles) is tough for even seasoned runners. But, life is about pushing your own boundaries, learning that you can do more than what you think you can.

Wake up now, before it does get too late.

Please do support my run for diabetes : For those keen to support me and Diabetes Uk, please visit and make a donation. Any contribution will be most appreciated.

love and blessings.

Raga xx


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