We are meant to be soul people; soft, caring, loving with compassion for those around us.  Aren’t we all born  with a blank canvas? Apart from a spiritual line of thinking that we bring our past karma’s with us, the reality is that our present circumstances and experiences play an immense role in shaping  our lives.

I often wonder what happens to us as we grow in years? When do we start creating that excess baggage of guilt, shame, embarrassment, jealousies, insecurities, fear? Where do these emotions come from? When we choose to be pure souls and live in that place of purity, how should we react when we are presented with difficult situations?

In my current journey, I have made a very deliberate decision to stay away from conflict or any negative energy. That which does not serve me any longer, I let go.  I live that life, fully.  I often walk away from relationships that may sit on the edge of such impending conflicts. This does not mean I don’t try hard enough to make it work. It simply means that I am able to listen more closely to my heart, my soul, my inner instincts, my gut and then make decisions based on my own experiences.

In this real world, this desire to live a life of authenticity gets challenged very often.  Very recently, I was presented with an opportunity that stretched every aspect of the inner journey I have been on to date. I felt that I was being tested. It was time to perhaps  walk the talk of living life with authenticity.  Strangely, since I had removed myself from such negative emotions, I found it very hard when  it started creeping into my life again. I found myself losing sleep, worrying, stressing, reaching out for food, smoke, things that I had let go of. My detox was not working anymore, I felt. Then, suddenly, like a flash of light, I decided to go with my instinct. I opted out. I can still feel the intensity of the negative energy as it started to leave my soul, my body.

This has made my resolve even stronger now. It is very important for us to listen to our ‘inner voice‘ and totally trust our instincts. It is very critical to give permission to ourselves to make the right choices, and not to dwell on it for too long either. Once the decision is made, make peace it and let go of all that is negative. Simply send love.  That’s all there is to it.

In making a choice to walk away from an impending conflict, I stayed in a relationship with a promise of love.  I still totally believe that personal relationships are far more important, than any desire to create wealth or success.  After all, I truly define success by the beautiful and loving people in my life and not by any material possessions. Those who know me will vouch for it.