In my previous post, I talked about detoxing the soul, not just the mind and the body.

In this post I am sharing the lessons, I have learnt:

1) Wear your own shoes – Live life with authenticity: I have always lived my life, my way. But somewhere along the line, I fell into the trap of being what other people wanted me to be. Being honest with myself, I now realise is far more important than pretending to be that someone. It’s like wearing the wrong pair of shoes. People who matter, love me for who I am. Those who don’t accept my authenticity, do not matter anyway.

2) Fall in love, deeply – with yourself:I am constantly looking for my own shortcomings. No matter what,  I would find fault with myself. A common illness, so  I have heard :-)!  I am learning to allow myself to just be, and love me through the journey, no matter what.  It is still not the easiest thing to do, but I am allowing myself the opportunity to love me.

3) It is a package deal: sadness and happiness -: I have always looked for happiness outside, and I still do that sometimes. Those who know me always think of me as this happy, positive person. I am that person as well. At times I wear a mask. Multiple masks actually depending upon the magnitude of the pain.  Also, inside I have often not felt that positive. I have now learnt that true happiness comes from within and I continue to work on my spiritual side a lot more.  More importantly, accepting that sadness is equally a part of life and to simply allow it to pass. Sadness and happiness, simply are a package deal. One without the other is like body without a soul.

4) The fight within – making peace with the demons: We all carry our inner demons. I am still learning to find that peace within. I carry the pain of guilt, anger, regrets, sadness and am learning to forgive myself and make peace. Toughest part of this current journey.

5) Energy is not just a scientific term – it’s life: I realised that through my journey I “put” up with a lot of BS. That created such bad energy within me that at times I couldn’t breathe. I now stay away from conflict or situations or people who are negative, or give negative vibes. I simply walk away from it.

I love the difference it has made to my life.  I  recommend this soul journey to all –  remember to every now and again to cleanse your soul, detox your soul and not just your body.