When did you come out?,is a question often put forward to me!!

Frankly, for us in the #LGB community, we have to ‘come out’ every day. Some times, every moment.

Did this make you wonder?

Think about it! When I lived a ‘straight’ ‘heterosexual’ life, no one ever asked me ‘when did you come out’ or ‘are you straight’? or ‘how does it feel to be straight’.

But, as a queer person, I get asked this all the time.

But, what you don’t know is that every day, when I walk out of my home, I have to ‘come out’ to multiple people. I

f I am with my partner, I have to often explain that she is my ‘life partner’ not a ‘business partner’ as they assume as soon as I say, ‘we are partners’.  Often I have to explain, even over a call, ‘I am queer, I have a female partner‘.  Often, as I stand at the GP practice, for our medical needs, I have to disclose that ‘I am queer, we are partners. I need to be included in our medical conversation’.

Some days, I have to ‘come out’  multiple times as I recollect; at the children’s school, during medical emergencies, just speaking to someone casually. Then they say. “Oh”.

I wonder if this will change some day.

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Coming out is extremely tough, even that once. To come out, every day, doesn’t get any easier!