Temptations are everywhere.  Funny how we all want that we cannot have! Food is no exception.  For reasons best known to experts, we are attracted to heavy, fried, oily, food.

When I decided to go on a journey of letting go of the extra weight I carried, for a healthier life,  I had to commit to letting go of all those wonderful tasting foods; oily buttery parathas, samosas, yummy desserts, and much more! Saying no to many deliciously tempting food was not easy at all. I continue to battle it.

I learnt a lesson on commitment from a dear friend, who shared one of the most wonderful analogies, that has stayed with me ever since. I love to share this with those who are on a similar path;  it is so simple that we can all relate to it.

She said, imagine this: It’s a beautiful winter night, you are in a relationship with the love of your life, but decide to have a night out with your close-knitted group of friends in a trendy pub; beautifully dressed, all set to have a great evening.  Girls, Gossip, Laughter, Madness!  You are truly having a great evening when suddenly your eyes meet the eyes of a ‘stranger’.  You feel a connection. You are having a great time with your friends, but your eyes keep getting drawn back to that person.  Suddenly, you find that stranger standing next to you, and you hear them say ‘Hey, can I buy you a drink‘.  You are flattered, shocked, excited, scared, all at the same time. But, you also are mature enough to know what that means.  That is simply an invitation for more. Even if for just that one night.

What do you do?

Well, my friend said; if you are in a committed, loving relationship, no matter how attractive the offer is, you will politely decline and walk away. If you are in an open relationship or in a relationship that has issues, then perhaps you may consider other options.

So, the point is.  We are each given an option of choosing the status of our relationships and how we react to certain temptations in our lives.  We need to have the same level of commitment and relationship with everything in our lives, including our bodies. I lost all that weight simply because of my commitment to that decision of wanting to shed that extra fat. The decision of not giving into temptation, no matter what. 

This applies to every aspect of our life. I learnt so much from this one analogy, that I decided that commitment was of utmost importance to me. If I had decided to stay away from something, someone then that was it. I was after all only accountable for my own actions. I have faltered of course, and have had to push myself back on track many times.  This level of commitment is not easy at all, because in our lives we are tempted by many situations.  I use food, smoking as a test of my will power.

I am committed to my personal health, and I am still work in progress, and this lesson is something I carry with me and bring it out whenever I need it.

Stay committed to yourself, that’s what I learnt. No one else will live my life for me. At the end of it all, only I am responsible for my actions and reactions.

So, guess what I said to the stranger? “Hey, you can, but you may not!”