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I have often participated in ‘short term‘ solutions through my life.  If I had too much to eat, I would detox through abstinence from certain food for a period of time, popularly called ‘fasting‘. If I had too much to drink, then I would detox using liver cleansing methods.

I worried about my body, as most people do.  I buried my pain, my issues internally.  I looked for comfort through over-eating, drinking and dysfunctional company.

Through my current journey, I realised that much of the short-term solution is simply about short-term gain.  The cycle of gaining weight or being unwell periodically was simply a symptom of this.

When I looked deep within, I came to a very tough realisation. I had lost  contact with my inner-self.  I had to find me! When I finally started the dialogue with myself, I found many demons –  some born with me, some through me.  I realised whatever I was doing was simply an escape from my true self.  That’s when I decided to ‘Detox my soul’. (not just my body or my mind).

I am not fashionable;  my approach is very simple and humble. No, I  did not go to any tantrics, soul cleansing solution providers. All these techniques attempt  to support us to look within. I had already made that decision. I chose to do it my way.

I started spending more time with myself, in prayer, in meditation. Issues that were difficult to deal with and I struggled with, instead of putting them away in another compartment somewhere, I started re-living them. It took me to dark places, to places I never want to revisit. I even hated myself at times for causing pain and hurt to those I had loved.

Detoxing your soul is a tough journey. And it is a long journey.  It is not something that happens overnight. It is a process.  It doesn’t turn you into a  saint either.  It allows you to be human, a purer human.

What came out of it was beautiful and light.  I realised my inner self is truly pure, humble and simple.  My authenticity came through my own journey. I still carry hurt and pain of losses. But I don’t hide behind superficial temporary balm, but I deal with it.

I realised when I detoxed my soul, everything else simply started falling in place. It is not a short term solution anymore. It is a lifestyle.

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