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Winds of Change

The billion stories in her smile,
Walking, running, clocking every mile.
Grey in her hair, lines on her face,
Ageing, loving, growing, learning with grace.
That once was, will never again be,
This caged bird is now free.
The scars will never go out of style,
Emotions will simply stay on for a while.
I still have promises to keep,
A million miles to go before that sleep.

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Free the Fire

Free the Fire

Fire, peace, warmth, heat, soul
Love, my happiness, your happiness, my goal
Inside the fire, there is deeper fire
To find me, find you, find our desire
Soul knows what the heart refuses to see
this deep longing will never set us free
I close my eyes and live every bit of you and of me
In my thoughts, dreams – we set us free
The desire burns every cell of me, my being,my bones
Your every cell cries out as I hear your moans
In my thoughts, dreams – that’s how we set us free
And in this is the reality of you and of me.

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