Don’t Think It Will Never Happen To You

Growing up, I had a different kind of struggle with my weight. If anything, I was constantly teased about the ‘lack of fat’ on my bones. A big point of discussion at family gatherings of course. ‘Who will marry you‘?, ‘Oh, look at you, how thin you are, doesn’t your mother feed you‘, or even better ‘How will you be able to bear any children‘.  My entire family and close circle worried for me. And, inside me, I had automatically tuned in to the fact that I was thin and I was going to be skinny all my life. (more…)

Turn Winter Blues to Green

Most of us know that winter is a dreadful time for those facing the challenges of weight. It’s harder to get out and exercise, and even harder to not succumb to the temptations of hot fries, oily fried food, take-aways and all those indulgences.

My old self used to find much solace in all these ‘excuses’. After all, how could one possibly get out in the bitter winter cold, with wet tracks and icy chilling winds. My new self doesn’t care anymore. I manage to run out in the elements and find myself making ‘excuses’ to exercise and eat better. (more…)