Raga is available to speak internationally on the subject of Diabesity, how it relates to her, how she reclaimed back her health and offers motivation for others to take that first step in reclaiming their own health.

Topics that Raga presents on:

  • Reclaiming Health
  • Living a productive life – personally and professionally

Raga also speaks on:

  • Diversity
  • Doing business in India (Holy Cow! So you think you know India)

Raga has presented at conferences, employee engagement programs and associations as well as appearing on TV, Radio and numerous media platforms in the UK, India and New Zealand. As well as English, Raga is able to present in Hindi.

Raga speaking on TVNZ about doing Business in India 

Raga’s Views on doing business in India TV One NZ

Raga is managed exclusively by RHM Global 

Disclaimer: Raga’s programs and advice are based purely on her personal journey and experience with the changes she made. Please seek advice from your medical professional or nutritionist before commencing with any changes in diet or exercise.


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