Raga was shocked when she woke up one morning, hugely overweight, sick with blurry vision and her Doctor diagnosed her with Diabetes Type 2 along with several other health complications directly and indirectly associated with the illness. She was told the blatant truth – “wake up and take control now, or you will be lucky to see another 3 birthday’s”. That was harsh. But that was the truth. She knew that she had let things get out of hand. She had no idea that she had been causing such damage to her body. Raga had a textbook case of Diabesity.

The task of reclaiming her health seemed overwhelming, until she realised that it was up to her to make the change. She “re-wired” her thinking. Spent time looking within. There were a lot of ‘aha’ moments, immense amount of fight within, excuses, life’s miseries to deal with, but she gave herself permission to embrace it all. She began by first coming out of denial, educated herself about the ill effects, the dietary changes she needed to make, and started to take it one step at a time. She began taking responsibility for her health, her body, and stopped blaming her lifestyle and stress for bad habits and laziness. She immediately started to make better food choices, and started an exercise regime.

Using tools such as online food diaries and a simple £5 Pedometer to measure calorie/ nutritional  intake she ensured that she met her minimum exercise goals; progressed to upgrading to a Fitbit that more scientifically measured her input and output and tracked results on her ever present mobile phone. Setting goals, measuring input/output and really understanding nutritional breakdown on labels helped push Raga to the next level and achieve the measurable results needed for change. As in any business, goal setting, measuring results and education are the keys to success. Once Raga became familiar, it was much easier to know instinctively what choices she needed to make. For instance, to know that the almond croissant or the punjabi samosa that is sitting at the cafe waiting to be brought is around 400 calories, with over 30%  fat, little nutritional value, likely to pump her insulin levels too high and will take almost a couple of hours  in the gym to burn off  but the almost immediate drop in blood sugar she will experience will make her too tired to go to the gym and much more likely to crawl under the duvet. Simple logic.

The weight started dropping off immediately, and thanks to her sensible approach to healthy eating and exercise, continued to drop off until she had lost a remarkable 26 kilos (just over 4 stone) in a period of 9 months. Most importantly, her diabetes is in remission and under control thanks to her holistic approach to her health. Raga proved that with dedication and the right attitude Diabesity can be overcome.

Losing her mother recently to complications from Diabetes Type 2 has strengthened her resolve to continue to make the right choices for her and her family and to take this message to the wider community.

Raga has experienced first hand a considerable increase in her productivity as well as her general health and well being. Managing her life, business and teenagers has become easier, less stressful and more fulfilling. Work pressures have lessened as her productivity increased and still she manages to fit in a walk a quick run or a session at the gym. A new world of food possibilities has opened up and a new feeling of always being in control has replaced the constant low.


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