Walk With Me 

02 Aug

You walk down the street,

With eyes wide open.

You just walk and you follow your feet,

Feel the breeze and feel the sun.

Where will they take you? 

Have you ever let yourself see?

Will they take you to places they knew? 

Will they take you to your destiny?

Today I walked that path unknowingly,

My feet carrying me to places I couldn’t see,

Then it just happened, it flowed glowingly,

My feet, they had taken me on a new journey.

A shining light had appeared in sight,

Was I going to allow it or would I put up a fight?

These feet, should I let them be?

Allow them, step by step, to places I cannot yet see?
These feet have walked down rubbles and sand, 

Walked into oasis of emotions and pain not grand.

These feet, have also walked away from the thorny kind,

Those who appear to smile with a soul you cannot find,

These feet have also walked on fires – survived the burn,

These feet — these burnt feet – what have they learnt?

Stop, I say – turn around and walk the other way,

Stay in that place where only happiness can stay,

Hearing this, the feet look up and smile at me.

They say “love, walk with me, trust me. I will be your journey”.  

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