Grey st(r)ands for fun

24 Feb
Grey st(r)ands for fun

Grey strands in my hair showed up finally as I touched my 46th year. I had this feeling all through my life that at this age somehow I will feel wiser. That a magic button would be felt inside me and I would be able to share my ‘wisdom‘ with all.

I think that magic button of ‘wisdom’ continues to elude me. Do I care? No. I had fun! I continue to have fun. I will continue to live my life having fun. I have pledged to give back as much of my energy, with whatever time I have left on this wonderful planet. 

2015 was a Year of romance for me – It started with this 45 year piscean, a lover of water, paragliding in the dolomites (beautiful Italian Alps); I  remember seeing the ground below from an earth shattering height and something inside me shifted. I suddenly realised there was nothing I couldn’t achieve if I set my mind to it. I could live my wildest dreams if I wanted to.

I dreamt wild, and then I put my dreams into action…

Romance with my feet: My year started with my first ever half marathon of sheer romance with my feet and the ground for 21 kms on 22nd February 2015 to celebrate living. What could be more fun that that sense of achievement, despite spraining my ankle at the 10k mark and continuing on to that finish line.

Wings to do more than fly: The 21 kms gave me wings – I started letting go of my own limitations. This year was the founding year of the ‘Use it 2 Lose it‘ FB group for women who needed support to change their lifestyle and reclaim their health. A group that started in April with 2 members, has now 350 odd members, and growing organically. We are all in here because we all have ONE common goal. To live a healthy life for ourselves and our families.  `You can follow us on the common Use it to Lose it Page for updates.

Lungi dancing on Sky News: This year   appearances in media continued on behalf of Diabetes UK as their South Asian Ambassador, including BBC Breakfast, ITV, Channel 5, Sky News. The highlight was the “Use it 2 Lose it’ group doing a ‘lungi’ dance and interview for Skynews. It’s another story that my lungi dropped off towards the end 🙂.

Pledging fitness to raise funds : My year ended and a new year began with a PLEDGE.  I have often wondered about the poor with diabetes – where do they go? What happens to them? Particularly in a country with no healthcare. The universe sent me Dr Srikanta from the Samatvam Trust in Bengaluru, who run FREE clinics for the poor and needy with diabetic conditions, some very seriously ill requiring amputations and kidney transplants. I pledge to provide every monetary support that I am able to — and I will dedicate my 46th year and for now the next 46 days to 10 kms per day of ‘fun’ activity to fundraise for them, raise awareness of the consequences of diabetes on ourselves and our families and to pledge to stay fit and active. 

Simple fun life. The gray strands do stand for ‘fun’, as I said. Do you agree?

My story so far:

“A Ticking Time Bomb”.

That was the blunt description given the mounting problem of Type 2 Diabetes within the South Asian Diaspora community in the United Kingdom a few years ago.

According to research, immigrants to the UK from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other nations from South Asia are six times more likely than the indigenous white population to develop Type 2 Diabetes.

Whilst current evidence is inconclusive as to why British Asians are more susceptible to the disorder, medical experts have pointed to the twin evils of a diet high in carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids (all those chapattis and rice dishes) as well as alarmingly low levels of physical activity, especially among older South Asian women, as two of the most significant contributory factors to a problem that is certain to put a huge burden on families and the community at large.

Alarmingly, there is widespread ignorance about Type 2 Diabetes within the community, according to medical experts, which threatens the lives of thousands.

Mumbai-born, with ten amazing years in New Zealand, now North London-based marketing and advertising expert, Raga D’silva was among those ignorant masses.

The 45-year-old mother of twins, whose family had a history of Diabetes, was diagnosed with this illness in 2012. The news brought about a radical change in Raga and has inspired her to help others with Diabetes and raise awareness.

Raga is the Asian Ambassador for Diabetes UK.

Watch my interviews for some simple tips.





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