The Magic of Weight Loss – it’s pure science

09 Apr
The Magic of Weight Loss – it’s pure science

Did you take a magic pill?

You have no idea, how many people I meet, talk to, communicate with, tell me how lucky I am to lose this weight. They keep asking if I took some special pill for it, or tried some special ‘diet’. Some call me ‘lucky’.  I smile and thank them all for their kind words. But seriously, in my head I think “lucky my ass”. If hard work is luck, then yes, I am very lucky. It almost feels as if people believe that those like me who lose weight, are illusionists. They eat some magic potions, and behold one day, wake up smaller, just as one day we woke up fat.

Unfortunately, luck has nothing to do with weight loss. Just as it had nothing to do with weight gain. Laziness plays a big role in gaining weight (of course there are those who are afflicted by very painful illnesses, and have medical conditions and just cannot exercise), we start calling it ‘lifestyle’ issues. Hard work plays a major role in losing it, simply!

It’s pure science though.  Energy in, Energy out. We can’t put in so much into our bodies and not find ways of burning some of it. It will stay in our bodies in the form of fat. (Very simply put). Nothing to do with magic.I was eating way too much. I made this discovery when I started logging my food. I would honestly think I wasn’t eating much. My meal portions were really small. One piece of bread (roti bread), or a small portion of rice, with simple lentils and salad was my regular meal. Honestly, that was it. Then how did I gain the weight?

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What I did not account for was all that I ate in-between my very small portions – the two biscuits I dunked into my coffee each morning, the post breakfast snack at the office, the post lunch snack, the potato chips pre-dinner, the couple of whiskeys with tandoori chicken, and then the yummy ice cream, or chocolate that followed my very small dinner. Oh, and if I felt very happy that night, and if I was distracted with some exciting ‘food’ show on television (thank you Masterchef), I would inadvertently get at least 2 slices of bread pan toasted with enough butter for a week.

In my mind, I was eating about 1200-1500 calories a day, which is the recommended calorie intake for women my age. However, when I did finally log in my food intake on (a free tool to log in food, drink and exercise) I was beyond shocked!!! I was eating for at least 2 women, and some days for three. No wonder I was the size of a house (a proper 3-bedroom one at that -:))

To lose weight, I realised all I had to do is simply eat for one person. Eat right kind of food. You cannot plan to eat for one person and eat a horse. You got to eat right. Decide your meals for next day a day/week in advance. Plan, plan, plan. Most of us don’t know how many calories we intake in each meal. Use free tools such as
Divide your meals into (whatever works for you):
– breakfast
– morning snack
– lunch
– afternoon snack
– evening meal

When I started eating right, some days I struggled with even consuming 1200 calories a day. When I was eating ‘whatever’ came my way – I was eating upto 4000-5000 calories a day.

It’s simple science. None of us really need to get into specifics of that. What we need to simply remember is consuming our recommended calorie intake every day, exercising every day (any form of exercise is fine) and leading a good lifestyle (drinking plenty of water, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep) will have a huge impact on our health. Staying HAPPY is very critical. I learnt that I am an emotional eater. I eat when I feel low. Now I substitute that with exercise and other forms of activity (I have added running, walking, strength training, weights. There is much more I want to add – hot yoga, aerobics, dancing, swimming……)

Bring the magic to your lives – eat well, exercise! Don’t be secret eaters, as I was.

Let’s not pretend that our weight is just coming on its own. Let’s take ownership, so we can change it, so we can get healthier.

I challenge you to log in your food today on Log in every morsel, every drink, coke, pepsi, sprite, every thing…and then check how many calories you actually take in. Then calculate how many calories you really burn each day. The answers will come. It’s simple science. Not magic. But losing weight can be magical, as I have found out!

(For me focusing on changing my habits for long term lifestyle changes has worked – that has helped me lose weight and keep it off).


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